Men’s fashion|essential accessories 2018!

Hello everyone! My name is Bucur Cosmin and welcome back to my blog. Today, we will talk about men’s accessories, because that’s the best way to improve your style, to be different from the others. Let’s jump into it:

1) Sunglasses

Whether you’re a sunglass man or not, sunglasses are important because they’re going to protect your eyes from the sun, prevent you from squinting, which creates wrinkles around your eyes, and they can add a stylish, cool touch to your outfit.


2) Watch\-es

In my opinion, every man needs a good watch, or maybe more. Depends on your lifestyle, but in the last time i’ve seen so many people with a watch, i think everyone has one. Buy a watch, you will see the difference.


3) Chains & Rings

To be honest, i was not a huge fan of them. But now, after some months, I gotta love them. Probably my favorite accessories in the last time, they add a perfect touch in your outfits.

4) Bracelets

Looks perfect in a combination with a watch. Must need it, if you want to look like a business man




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