Top 9 Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Hello guys! So today I’m going to show you top 9 shoes to wear with jeans. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right shoes to wear with jeans. And this is in my case too, sometimes i found the right shoes within 30 mins, and sometimes it took me hours. And to avoid that, i’m going to show you the right shoes. So for today, we gonna pick top 3 sneakers, top 3 boots, top 3 dress shoes. So let’s jump into it!

1) Sneakers:

Let’s start with the first sneakers. If you don’t know how match colors in an outfit, start with basics. So here are, white leather sneakers. Probably the best choice, it’s a must in every mens closet, you can wear them with denim, black, darker clothes, with every single color. For example, denim jeans, this white leather sneakers, and a black shirt. Look at this ones for example.


If you are more into street style, and high tops, air jordans are the best choice. It gives you that street vibe, and you can simply wear them with denim or black denim.  Trust me, they never get out of style.


Finally number 3 for sneakers are your vans old school. The cheaper option and also the most recommended, because they fits perfect in any outfit, trust me any.  You can wear them with denim, black, white, light denim. They always look good.


2) Boots

First one, your chelsea boots. A good pair will make the difference, with jeans will make you feel like the ultimate bad boy. And your style will blow up! They also never gets out of style, and it’s a good choice for the classy looks. A good pair of chelsea boots, denim, and white shirt and you are ready to go!


The next ones, are chukka boots. This ones are essential, evey mens need one pair in their closet especially for spring and summer.


The last one are, wingtip boots. It gives you the ultimate military style, it looks perfect in all black look. It also can make you taller.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right dress shoes to wear with your denim, and if you don’t know that, i’m here to save you. Sometimes get tricky learning and knowing what dress hoes you can actually mix. Let’s start with the first ones.

Penny loafers! Probably one of the most casual dress shoes out there and literally a perfect match for your denim jeans when you’re trying to go for a more smart look.


The number two of dress shoes are, the double monk strap shoes. Also a good option for your denim jeans, if you would like to go for a casual or classy look.


And the finally number 3 for dress shoes are, the brogue. Also a perfect option for your denim. If you wear them it kind gives you that business professional look. If you wear them with denim, a white shirt and a blazzer you’ll have a killer sophisticated look while still being comfortable.


And basically that’s all! These are the top 9 shoes you can wear with your denim jeans to always look stylish.


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