Basics for summer | Mens fashion 2018

Hello everyone!

As you may know summer is approaching so fast, we are in may right now, only 1 month left right? So you need to update your wardrobe with some clothes for summer. Well, in my country it’s already summer, we already have 25+ °C , i don’t know if it’s good or not but I can’t do anything. I will give you some tips on what you can wear, and how you can wear them, so let’s begin:

1) Start buying/wearing shirts:

In my opinion this is the best thing you can wear in this season, if you want to be stylish. I waited this weather, just to mix up some shirts, in different colors, mixed up with some denim, a good pair of shoes and ready to go. It’s going to be too hot for your hoodie, and that loved jacket, forgot about them. Start buying some shirts, white shirts, floral shirts, denim shirts, and etc. Trust me, you will be more stylish than before 🙂





Made those pictures 1 month ago, at that time it wasn’t that hot. You could wear a shirt combination with a shirt. Fresh for the spring!


But 1 month after it started to be hot as hell, so i’ve changed it for a fresh floral shirt, I just love this outfit! That’s the spring and summer vibe guys, when you see those flowers, the best feeling I bet!

2) Invest in a good pair of loafers:

Well, loafers are a must have for summer guys, it’s definitely the best option to look more stylish than ever before. You can simply wear them in a combination with a some pants, or denim jeans, and a white shirt. This is just an example, remember that its your style you have to be creative, make your own style!




3) Polo t-shirts and floral t-shirts:

These are just some basics that you can use in this season, sometimes it’s too hot even for a shirt, we can’t know what’s coming, weather it’s crazy in the last years. So you can simply wear a polo shirt with some denim jeans, a good pair of white shoes, then you are ready to go, but don’t forgot one thing: Don’t use more than 3 colors in your outfit, I mean you can’t use a pink polo t-shirt with black denim jeans and red shoes, that’s too crazy guys, don’t be that guy, you need to be stylish. Remember one thing guys, learn, what I mean by that? You need to always keep watching how to improve some things in your style, always try to learn how to wear those jeans, those shirts, those shoes and etc, no-one is perfect here, you need to find your fashion icon, and follow his stepts, what he’s wearing, how, when, inspiration is everywhere nowadays.




That’s it guys, I hope that it was helpful for you. These are just some few things that you need to have this summer! Oh, I was about to forgot, if you are looking for someone who can teach you some great tips, you can go to youtube and watch @teachingmensfashion and @Alex Costa these are 2 guys that I like and love, I watch them day by day! So go and take a look. I wish you all a great week, be prepared for summer!




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  1. We enjoyed reading your blog!!!! Yes fashion doesn’t have to be too complex, a great floral shirt is a staple for summer! I have never owned loafers, but Those H&M ones you tagged in here look so comfy and stylish! Looking forward to more blog posts!


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