Winter outfit inspiration!

So guys, I was about to share with you some outfits for spring and summer time, but yea since winter is back, especially on my town. Alot of snow, and cold days are coming. So i will show you some outfits, from this winter, that you can wear anytime. Let’s get started:


Here is the first inspiration, it’s an simple one. All you need is a good sweater, a nice shirt then you are more stylish than any other friend of you. You can also wear a nice parka, but just if you are outside, not in classroom, or elsewhere. Matches perfect guys trust me, and it never gets out of style. I highly recommend to invest in a good outfit like that. 



Here is the second one. Like in the first picture, you need a good sweater, and nice white shirt. I’ve choose to match this outfit with a nice leather jacket on it, and of course some boots. Its my favorite outfit combination for the winter days, and cold ones. Even if the weather isn’t that good, I  still can stay stylish. I highly recommend to try this one guys!

Some days ago, i’ve seen something interesting at a big influencer from social-media. He said something like ” There is street style and there is classic menswear. Streetstyle is the one that keeps changing, one hype follows another and you can actually never be satisfied with your looks because in a year from now, what you‘re wearing today is „out“. Classic style in comparison is something that never changes, is complaisantly accepted by all generations and will always be your constant, a look that will suit you with 25 as well as it will suit you with 50. So which one would you choose in the long run? “

So after i’ve read this rows, it changes my point of view a bit. He’s right, because let me explain if I got it. With the streestyle outfits, maybe let’s say you got a hoodie this year, you love it, you like to wear it, but in 2 years it gets out of style, none is wearing it anymore, what yo do? You have to buy another one. But with classic menswear, if you got a nice sweater and good white shirt like in the pictures, you can be a stylish guy ten years from now, trust me it never gets out of style. So in conclusion, it’s your choice by the way, but I recommend to choose classic menswear.

That’s it guys, this is one of my favorite outfit combination for winter, tell me what do you think in the comments bellow, follow me for more inspiration.  Wish you guys a nice week!

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