Men’s fashion|essential accessories 2018!

Hello everyone! My name is Bucur Cosmin and welcome back to my blog. Today, we will talk about men’s accessories, because that’s the best way to improve your style, to be different from the others. Let’s jump into it:

1) Sunglasses

Whether you’re a sunglass man or not, sunglasses are important because they’re going to protect your eyes from the sun, prevent you from squinting, which creates wrinkles around your eyes, and they can add a stylish, cool touch to your outfit.


2) Watch\-es

In my opinion, every man needs a good watch, or maybe more. Depends on your lifestyle, but in the last time i’ve seen so many people with a watch, i think everyone has one. Buy a watch, you will see the difference.


3) Chains & Rings

To be honest, i was not a huge fan of them. But now, after some months, I gotta love them. Probably my favorite accessories in the last time, they add a perfect touch in your outfits.

4) Bracelets

Looks perfect in a combination with a watch. Must need it, if you want to look like a business man




Top 9 Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Hello guys! So today I’m going to show you top 9 shoes to wear with jeans. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right shoes to wear with jeans. And this is in my case too, sometimes i found the right shoes within 30 mins, and sometimes it took me hours. And to avoid that, i’m going to show you the right shoes. So for today, we gonna pick top 3 sneakers, top 3 boots, top 3 dress shoes. So let’s jump into it!

1) Sneakers:

Let’s start with the first sneakers. If you don’t know how match colors in an outfit, start with basics. So here are, white leather sneakers. Probably the best choice, it’s a must in every mens closet, you can wear them with denim, black, darker clothes, with every single color. For example, denim jeans, this white leather sneakers, and a black shirt. Look at this ones for example.


If you are more into street style, and high tops, air jordans are the best choice. It gives you that street vibe, and you can simply wear them with denim or black denim.  Trust me, they never get out of style.


Finally number 3 for sneakers are your vans old school. The cheaper option and also the most recommended, because they fits perfect in any outfit, trust me any.  You can wear them with denim, black, white, light denim. They always look good.


2) Boots

First one, your chelsea boots. A good pair will make the difference, with jeans will make you feel like the ultimate bad boy. And your style will blow up! They also never gets out of style, and it’s a good choice for the classy looks. A good pair of chelsea boots, denim, and white shirt and you are ready to go!


The next ones, are chukka boots. This ones are essential, evey mens need one pair in their closet especially for spring and summer.


The last one are, wingtip boots. It gives you the ultimate military style, it looks perfect in all black look. It also can make you taller.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right dress shoes to wear with your denim, and if you don’t know that, i’m here to save you. Sometimes get tricky learning and knowing what dress hoes you can actually mix. Let’s start with the first ones.

Penny loafers! Probably one of the most casual dress shoes out there and literally a perfect match for your denim jeans when you’re trying to go for a more smart look.


The number two of dress shoes are, the double monk strap shoes. Also a good option for your denim jeans, if you would like to go for a casual or classy look.


And the finally number 3 for dress shoes are, the brogue. Also a perfect option for your denim. If you wear them it kind gives you that business professional look. If you wear them with denim, a white shirt and a blazzer you’ll have a killer sophisticated look while still being comfortable.


And basically that’s all! These are the top 9 shoes you can wear with your denim jeans to always look stylish.

Basics for summer | Mens fashion 2018

Hello everyone!

As you may know summer is approaching so fast, we are in may right now, only 1 month left right? So you need to update your wardrobe with some clothes for summer. Well, in my country it’s already summer, we already have 25+ °C , i don’t know if it’s good or not but I can’t do anything. I will give you some tips on what you can wear, and how you can wear them, so let’s begin:

1) Start buying/wearing shirts:

In my opinion this is the best thing you can wear in this season, if you want to be stylish. I waited this weather, just to mix up some shirts, in different colors, mixed up with some denim, a good pair of shoes and ready to go. It’s going to be too hot for your hoodie, and that loved jacket, forgot about them. Start buying some shirts, white shirts, floral shirts, denim shirts, and etc. Trust me, you will be more stylish than before 🙂





Made those pictures 1 month ago, at that time it wasn’t that hot. You could wear a shirt combination with a shirt. Fresh for the spring!


But 1 month after it started to be hot as hell, so i’ve changed it for a fresh floral shirt, I just love this outfit! That’s the spring and summer vibe guys, when you see those flowers, the best feeling I bet!

2) Invest in a good pair of loafers:

Well, loafers are a must have for summer guys, it’s definitely the best option to look more stylish than ever before. You can simply wear them in a combination with a some pants, or denim jeans, and a white shirt. This is just an example, remember that its your style you have to be creative, make your own style!




3) Polo t-shirts and floral t-shirts:

These are just some basics that you can use in this season, sometimes it’s too hot even for a shirt, we can’t know what’s coming, weather it’s crazy in the last years. So you can simply wear a polo shirt with some denim jeans, a good pair of white shoes, then you are ready to go, but don’t forgot one thing: Don’t use more than 3 colors in your outfit, I mean you can’t use a pink polo t-shirt with black denim jeans and red shoes, that’s too crazy guys, don’t be that guy, you need to be stylish. Remember one thing guys, learn, what I mean by that? You need to always keep watching how to improve some things in your style, always try to learn how to wear those jeans, those shirts, those shoes and etc, no-one is perfect here, you need to find your fashion icon, and follow his stepts, what he’s wearing, how, when, inspiration is everywhere nowadays.




That’s it guys, I hope that it was helpful for you. These are just some few things that you need to have this summer! Oh, I was about to forgot, if you are looking for someone who can teach you some great tips, you can go to youtube and watch @teachingmensfashion and @Alex Costa these are 2 guys that I like and love, I watch them day by day! So go and take a look. I wish you all a great week, be prepared for summer!




Hello guys! So, maybe most of you are still looking on how to look good, on how to look better right? Maybe you want to impress that girl, so here are my 5 tips and how you can look better!



Develop a smart business casual look with a few key pieces. Your task is to upgrade, not to replace.

Select versatile and timeless pieces of clothing at a slightly higher standard of dress than the ones you’re currently wearing. Stick to classic clothing staples for the core of your wardrobe and avoid anything that’s far too cutting edge.

Start your wardrobe transition with the addition of a few pieces of clothing that are versatile and timeless.


So guys in the last time, months, i’ve seen something interesting. Now, you can wear a hoodie with a shirt too, and that’s cool, especially when you know how to wear them of course. So for me both are good in your outfit, but yeah since spring is coming, hoodie wins in the match with sweater. It’s too hot for sweater right now. But i will give you an advice for it too. So let’s say its winter, you have a sweater and a shirt. You can simply wear them both, and if you want too, rock them with a good leather jacket and that’s all, guys that’s my favorite choice for winter, as in the picture below. And for hoodies, i’ve seen so many picture with a hoodie in combination with a shirt, and that’s so cool, i’ve never tried it but i will do it soon. Hoodies are good for spring and summer days, matches good in an simple outfit. For example, a hoodie, some denim jeans, and some white sneakers!





This is very simple guys, by that I mean, you can start using unique accessories, like a watch, jewelry, bracelets and etc. Accessories are the small details in your outfit that have a large impact on your appearance. Sometimes, the smaller details are the easiest way to improve your look.  But the first accessory you need to own is a quality watch.



Guys, for me running shoes are just for gym and sporty outfits. Do not get me wrong but running shoes is not a good option in an outfit, especially when you want to look good and casual, keep them for gym! A smart pair of sneakers can offer a casual look. Pick a pair in a solid color like black, and if you use some classy clothes in combination with them, it you will give you that stylish outfit! 



When you will finally find what clothes you like, what type of clothes you like, you need to find that ones that fits you. You don’t want to look bad, when you finally figured out right? So find the perfect size for you, then start playing with your outfits, try to create your own style, let thme to copy you. In fashion you have to find that freedom feeling, be you!


And guys, in the conclusion I want to tell you something. Take care of your hairstyle, this plays an important role, if you want to look better and good, then you need a good hairstyle. Find the perfect one for you, and take care of it.

And that’s all friends, hope this will be helpful for you. Wish you a nice week, stay tunned for the next blog-posts! Follow us.

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Winter outfit inspiration!

So guys, I was about to share with you some outfits for spring and summer time, but yea since winter is back, especially on my town. Alot of snow, and cold days are coming. So i will show you some outfits, from this winter, that you can wear anytime. Let’s get started:


Here is the first inspiration, it’s an simple one. All you need is a good sweater, a nice shirt then you are more stylish than any other friend of you. You can also wear a nice parka, but just if you are outside, not in classroom, or elsewhere. Matches perfect guys trust me, and it never gets out of style. I highly recommend to invest in a good outfit like that. 



Here is the second one. Like in the first picture, you need a good sweater, and nice white shirt. I’ve choose to match this outfit with a nice leather jacket on it, and of course some boots. Its my favorite outfit combination for the winter days, and cold ones. Even if the weather isn’t that good, I  still can stay stylish. I highly recommend to try this one guys!

Some days ago, i’ve seen something interesting at a big influencer from social-media. He said something like ” There is street style and there is classic menswear. Streetstyle is the one that keeps changing, one hype follows another and you can actually never be satisfied with your looks because in a year from now, what you‘re wearing today is „out“. Classic style in comparison is something that never changes, is complaisantly accepted by all generations and will always be your constant, a look that will suit you with 25 as well as it will suit you with 50. So which one would you choose in the long run? “

So after i’ve read this rows, it changes my point of view a bit. He’s right, because let me explain if I got it. With the streestyle outfits, maybe let’s say you got a hoodie this year, you love it, you like to wear it, but in 2 years it gets out of style, none is wearing it anymore, what yo do? You have to buy another one. But with classic menswear, if you got a nice sweater and good white shirt like in the pictures, you can be a stylish guy ten years from now, trust me it never gets out of style. So in conclusion, it’s your choice by the way, but I recommend to choose classic menswear.

That’s it guys, this is one of my favorite outfit combination for winter, tell me what do you think in the comments bellow, follow me for more inspiration.  Wish you guys a nice week!

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Fashion Journey!


Hello guys! Let’s start with the beggining, my name is Daniel, i’m 18 years old from Romania. I want to tell you, how I started my love for fashion, when I discovered it. And my story about it. Stay tuned!


So, my love for fashion started 1 year ago, but it was just for the way I looked, the way I wear my outfits just to look good, at school, when I was out with friends. You know what I mean, evey one of us cares about the way he looks in others eyes right?

I still can remember how it started, it was a good day, back in september 2017, I was at home, on instagram, talking with some friends, making some stories. Then a big influencer from fashion niche followed me. It wasn’t that big at that time like 20k followers but yeah 20k is big for me. He followed me, I was so happy at that time, telling me wow, can’t believe and others stuffs like that. Then I followed him back, in the next hours I was looking at all his posts, seeing alot of outfits inspiration, lifestyle and etc. And that changed my everything, the way is was thinking about fashion, everything. I told myself, I have to do that, I have to be like him, it was my desire. He influenced me, that’s his name “influencer” right.

So after watching him for some months, I had the desire to do that, to share my outfits my passion with others. I was afraid at the beggining. In november 2017 I decited to start my fashion page, not to share my outfits, to share others outfits with friends, and with people around the world. I said that if I can’t share mine, let’s share others, I was so afraid at the begging and I don’t know why.  I started the page, posting and posting everyday, sharing outfits, fashion photos, and it was a passion, it was my pleasure to share. After starting my page, i’ve found so many influencers and pages dedicated to this niche. Awesome influencers, like @magic_fox , @sandro , @kosta_williams the big 3 from TMM, and many others, but these 3 are the best in the world.

After 1 month, my page had 500 followers, I was so happy, for me it was a big thing. Then after new year, everything blows up, I was able to gain 100 followers in 2 days. And after 5 months more or less I’ve got 5000 followers on the page. Not that much, but it makes me happy, and that’s matters.

Then, in the february 2018 I finally decited to do that for me, for my personal account. I had a shooting with a photographer from my city, I dressed well, and with a positive attitude I said ” let’s do it”. It went well, with some mistakes from me, but i’m still learning about how to pose, how to match some outfits and etc. And in the present, i’m still trying to do it frequently, 1 or 2 time per month its perfect for me.

So in the conclusion, that’s how my passion, my love, my desire for fashion starts. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through something. If you love fashion like me, dress well and show up.

That’s my story, and still counting! Follow me through my journey, and stay tuned for the next blog posts, I will share some outfits soon!!

Thanks for reading! Wish you a nice month!



Salutare prieteni! Astazi, as dori sa va spun, s-au sa va explic voua, cum a inceput pasiunea mea pentru fashion.

Pasiunea asta am avut-o de mult, in genul ca imi pasa de felul cum ma imbrac cum arata, daca imi sta bine si tot asa. Dar nu era o chestie luata in serios, doar sa arat eu bine, s-au sa arat bine pentru lume in general, sa spuna da uite baiatul asta stie sa se imbrace.

Dar am inceput sa iau totul in serios, din luna septembrie. Si acuma tin minte, ca eram acasa, stateam pe instragram ma uitam la diferite poze, story uri, search bar etc. Cand vad ca primesc un follow de la un baiat, la inceput nu stiam cine e, dau sa vad, avea 20k urmaritori, era wow va da-ti seama. La bio scria clar fashion influencers, fashion lover si chestii de genul. I-am dat follow inapoi, si am inceput sa ma uit la postarile lui, avea 1-2 mii de like uri la poze mii de comentarii, dar si outfiturile lui erau foarte frumoase si bine gandite, deci baiatul stia ce face.

L-am urmarit tot urmarit si urmarit, imi placea mult ce facea, si practic chestia asta, s-au de atunci mi-a schimbat punctul de vedere, am inceput sa urmaresc alti influenceri mari, celebri cum ar fi @magic_fox, @sandro, @kosta_williams acestia sunt cei mai tari din lume din punctul meu de vedere, si multi alti nu numai ei. Si mi-am spus, trebuie sa fac si eu asta, aveam o oare care dorinta.

Dar la inceput aveam si o oare care retinere, nustiu de ce, si in caz contrar am decis sa mi fac o pagina legata de fashion, unde distribui postarile altora, outfiturile altora, si multe altele. Am zis ca daca tot nu pot sa fac eu asta, imi voi face o pagina. Zis si facut!

Pagina a adunat in jur de 500 de urmaritor in prima luna, iar acum in prezent la 5 luni distanta are 5000 de urm, putin dar pentru mine inseamna mult. Am lucrat mult la ea, am pus pasiune in ea, timp, si dragoste. Faceam asta din pasiune, nu ca as fi fost obligat s-au ceva.

Si in prezent, m-am decis sa fac asta si pentru mine, pentru contul personal, am inceput in luna ianuarie cu un shooting, iar de atunci am mai avut 2. Sunt inca la inceput, si mai am multe de invatat, dar dragostea mea, pasiunea pentru fashion este prea mare. Nu voi renunta! Asa ca, in final doresc sa va spun ca, nu renuntati la visurile voastre, nu va fie teama cum mi-a fost mi-e. Daca dorinta ta este puternica vei reusi, dar ai nevoie si de timp, munca si devotament!

Cam asta a fost, va doresc o primavara frumoasa!

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